Orange County Junk Removal Service

For nearly 20 years, Green Planet Hauling has been providing junk removal service for Orange County.

We reuse, repurpose and recycle about 80 percent of the junk we collect. Don’t stress and let our experts handle the dirty work.

Green Planet Hauling is doing something that no one else is doing. We take the garbage to the appropriate dump, but we can resell or donate a lot of things to the Salvation Army or Goodwill.
We’ve been in business for 20 years. As an example, if you have a bunch of chairs you want to get rid of, and they’re not in great shape, we can refurbish and resell or donate them. We try to preserve things that people don’t want. So no landfill. 
We can make your stuff reusable again, if even if you don’t want it. We’re not just throwing stuff in the landfill like most hauling companies. 
We are are repurposing. Repurposing for people that can use these things.
More importantly, for your home, Green Planet Hauling is very careful on how we take stuff out out of your home. We are extremely careful that no damage will happen to your home. 
And in extreme circumstances, we can even clean out the home of a hoarder.
We do not leave a footprint. We are discreet. We are professional. We are cognizant of your situation. We are environmentally-conscious. And we can take care of any situation.
Founded in 2001 with a lot of will power and just a pick up truck and a trailer. We started picking up the debris from local contractors. When they remodeled a kitchen, the cabinets were still in good condition. We started to refurbish them and sell them. That is when Green Planet was created. Now with four dump trucks and eight employees, we can offer more services. Now, we hope to better serve you.
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