Options for Disposing of Old Mattress

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Around 20 million mattresses and box springs are thrown out in the U.S. each year alone. Why do so many people decide to dispose of their mattresses? Well, if that mattress is 7 to 8 years of age, a saggy one, smells or makes your back hurt, then it should be disposed of.

Let’s reflect on the best options to dispose of a mattress.

Repurpose or Recycle

There are companies always on the lookout to reuse mattress parts such as the foam, cotton or springs. Some available retailers charge as low as $10 to recycle a mattress. Earth911, municipal facilities and Bye Bye Mattress have details of recycling facilities near you who charge a small fee. Also, you may request a take-back service from a retailer, which entails supplying a new mattress to replace the old one but at a lower fee. It is convenient since you will spend less, and you will not have violated the law in any way.


If your mattress is still in shape, clean and not infected, then you may opt to donate it to a nonprofit organization. They take it for reuse. Among some of the organizations accepting donations include:

You can also give your mattress away for free to an individual who needs it. It will save you the cost of calling a recycling company or the effort of tearing it apart. Platforms such as freecycle.org connect people with those disposing of stuff within their area.

Junk Removal Service

This method is quite beneficial to those people who do not live near recycling centers and other places that take used mattresses. This kind of service is offered by national agencies and private companies. Among those companies offering this service is Green Planet Hauling.

In many cases, such companies donate or recycle before they dispose of any mattress. It’s as a way of adhering to green disposal approaches and keeps from adding more to landfills. Most junk removal service fees depend on the number and sizes of mattresses.


Mattresses are recyclable! About 80% of materials in average mattress can be recycle. most mattresses are made of steel springs , wood frame polyurethane foam, and fabric.

Look for local recycling facilities that accept mattresses . some communities have hard-to-recycle centers where you can drop off your old mattress and box spring

avoid recycling dirty mattresses with mold or bed bugs, as they can be a health risk to employees

This option is best for that person disposing of a mattress and other home waste which occupies ample space. The cost depends on the size which fits your project. At the end of it all, it’s cost-effective.

Bottom Line

You must select an option that is in line with the respective laws of your residential area. Also, dispose of mattresses responsibly as a way of preserving the environment.

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