Hot Tub/ Jacuzzi Removal Services

Hot Tub/ Jacuzzi Removal Services

Our professional Hot tub Removal In Orange County, Ca. Will handle the work for you. Hot tubs, Jacuzzi spa are heavy and can be dangerous if not handle carefully. We have removed many in our career.

We have the tools and the knowledge to safely, quickly, and efficiently remove that old eyesore. Take back that space, and do something productive with it! Don’t even consider doing it yourself. Most hot tubs weigh over 700 lbs without water in them.

What We Do For All Hot Tub/ Jacuzzi Removal Jobs

  1. Drain water from the spa or hot tub.

2. Disconnect and cap off electrical wiring, making sure it’s 100% safe and secure.

3. Cut up and remove spa.

4. Remove spa cover, steps and any other related items.

5. wash and sweep the area

The quote is based on the size the location and the complexity of where is located. Price will range between 300-650


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